Why Partner With Us?

Why Partner With Us?

Attention Device Designers, R & D Engineers and Innovators

We know you are passionate about the life-saving devices you design and the ideas you incubate and help bring to fruition.

Partner with Compounding Solutions, a specialized, custom medical plastics compounder from the early stages of your design project to:

  • Ensure a secure material source
  • Help choose materials that will pass biocomp & be easily processible
  • Take your specific requirements & tailor a custom medical solution


Traditional model:


Our partnership model:


Partnering with Compounding Solutions, a specialty medical compounder,  from the early stages of device design provides:

  • Access to the latest developments in polymer materials
  • A full array of in-house testing and reverse engineering capabilities
  • Formulation development for both extrusion and injection molding projects
  • Assistance in color selection to ensure regulatory requirements are met
  • Reduced lead time from concept to prototype to commercialization
  • Gain full control over the material specification
    • Formulation transparency
    • Continuity via a single material source for your extruded & molded components