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Compounding Solutions at MD&M West  This year is going to be an excellent year for the medical device industry; big tech has entered the health care market. At Compounding Solutions, we have the compounded materials for the most innovative devices, and our product portfolio includes specialty polymers for disposable up to long term implantable medical applications.

Medical device manufacturing is ever changing and improving, several important trends are expected to influence the industry in 2019 like new legal regulations and patient driven healthcare.

Our specialized team is at your service to help you through the material selection and legal regulatory requirements.
Let’s talk business. Schedule a meeting with us at MD&M West. At Compounding Solutions, we are ready for your next project.

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Join own Chris Moran, PHD during his conference about “Influence of stabilizers on property retention of thin wall tubing”

Degradation on the surface of thin wall medical tubing influences bulk mechanical properties more so than in standard test specimens. This study aims to characterize the degradation behavior of tubing with 0.004” wall thickness made from PEBA and TPU, with and without stabilization packages. Tubing is aged under various conditions to elucidate the relative contributions of thermal-oxidation, photo-oxidation, and hydrolysis degradation mechanisms on mechanical performance. Tensile testing and GPC are used to observe degradation over time of stabilized and non-stabilized tubes, and to relate their molecular weight distributions to their mechanical integrity. To calculate the Arrhenius parameters of this system, in which multiple reactions occur with spatial variability, time-temperature superposition is shown to be a superior to the typical approach of using Q10 factors. Compounding stabilizers into PEBA and TPU resins prior to extruding tubing is shown to drastically improve shelf life and resistance to oxidation and UV light.