ReZilok Rx Tie-Layer Resin

Tie-layer resin designed for the medical device industry

The use of multi-layered films and tubing is commonplace and established in the medical device, pharmaceutical, and packaging industries. Multi-layer construction can be used to target various barrier properties, extending packaging shelf life, or to impose different functionalities in catheter tubing. Each layer is optimized for maximum functionality; thus, the various layers may contain very different chemical structures. Materials with different chemical structures often result in sub-optimal adhesion and delamination when co-extruded directly. Therefore, tie-layer plastic resins are used to bond these dissimilar materials.

ReZilok Rx 101 Tie-Layer Resin is linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) grafted with maleic anhydride. ReZilok is manufactured with the stringent quality required by the biomedical industry in accordance with the ISO 13485:2016 standard. Due to the polarity and reactivity of maleic anhydride, ReZilok Rx 101 can be used as a tie-layer in the production of multi-layer co-extruded catheter tubing to bond dissimilar materials.

For more information about ReZilok, including properties, processing and handling, please see the ReZilok Brochure and the TDS & Process Guide.

• The benefits of ReZilok
   ∘ Availability
      ▪ 3 day lead times
   ∘ Low minimum order quantities
      ▪ 10lbs
   ∘ ISO 10993-5 cytotoxicity test results ensure safety
   ∘ Secure Supply chain
      ▪ No change agreements
   ∘ Direct offset to current product offering
   ∘ Perfect for tri-layer tubing and multi-layer film packaging for the medical and pharmaceutical industries

Regulatory Information:
ReZilok Rx has no cytotoxic potential according to ISO-10993-5 test results. ReZilok Rx can be used in disposable Class I & Class II devices.

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More Information
ReZilok Brochure
TDS & Process Guide