Trogamid Care

Trogamid® Care

The Trogamid® Care product line consists of a range of both amorphous and microcrystalline transparent polyamides for extrusion on injection molding in a variety of applications.
Trogamid® Care MX
Trogamid® Care MX is microcrystalline and ideal for applications that include pharmaceutical formulations, lipids or aggressive disinfectants because it has excellent resistance to chemicals and stress cracking. Applications include components of fluid and drug delivery equipment such as:

  • Stop-cocks
  • Dialyzer parts
  • Housings
  • Covers
  • Hearing aids

Trogamid® Care MT50
Trogamid® Care MT50 is amorphous and features high mechanical stability making it ideal for applications that require high modulus but retained impact resistance. It has one of the highest tensile moduli compared to other transparent polyamides. Applications include:

  • Dentures
  • Components for monitoring and imaging devices
  • Durable medical equipment

Trogamid Care Overview
Benefits of Trogamid® Care:

  • USP Class VI & ISO 10993 compliant
  • All grades may be used in applications within the body for up to 30 days.
  • High transparency
  • High chemical resistance
  • BPA free
  • Very good stress crack resistance
  • Easy processability & colorability for customization
  • UV resistance

Available Medical Grades:

Trogamid® Care MX73
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Trogamid® Care MX97
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Trogamid® Care MT50
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