Toll Compounding

Toll Compounding

Compounding Solutions offers toll compounding services that allow our customers to supply the raw materials and specify formulas. We then supply the compounding experience and knowledge to ensure the same top-notch quality that we expect all of our own products to have. Your toll compounding products are treated with the same care and are subjected to the same rigorous quality testing as our own custom compounded products.

Our equipment allows for maximum quality and consistency from lot to lot and pellet to pellet with the use of:

> Dehumidifying dryers.
> Nitrogen blanketed loss in weight feeders for both pellet and powder.
> Strand or underwater pelletization to allow for the best pellet quality based on the material being compounded.
> Tumblers allow for post-blending to achieve consistent final product prior to packaging and shipping.

Our compound testing capabilities include melt flow, viscosity, density, ash content, hardness (shore A or shore D), tensile, elongation, along with a multitude of others.

Your materials, our expertise, is a winning combination. …Contact Us