Specification Mgmt

Specification Management

Compounding Solutions holds a wide array of capabilities with the ability to design strict specifications around a given customer’s product requirements. Please refer to our testing services page QA Testing for a detailed list of testing equipment we hold in our lab. Testing services range from mechanical testing, physical testing, impact testing, rheology testing, compound testing, visual and electrical testing equipment.

Compounding Solutions has over 15 years of data history, with extensive knowledge on materials/additives differences and variation. This breadth of knowledge will continue to grow into the future and is yours to tap into. Our dedicated Record Retention Area in the facility holds a file for each compound created to date at Compounding Solutions, enabling immediate retrieval of info from material we have produced.

Our organization is certified to ISO 13485. The ISO 13485 certificate shows a commitment to our customers, and that our organization demonstrates the ability to provide medical devices and related services that consistently meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements. While we are considered a supplier to the Medical Device industry, we hold ourselves to the same standard.

These services give Compounding Solutions the capability to identify as well as characterize your materials to a high degree. Our insight can help you to comprehend how suitable the compound or materials are for your application. Our wide gamut of testing services and in house material expertise is available for customers to put at their disposal.

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