Compounding Solutions introduces Mobilize, a cost-effective alternative to traditional lubricious materials like PTFE liners in medical devices. Mobilize offers a unique blend researched and tested by our team, providing a low-cost solution for achieving lubricous inner surfaces in interventional catheters. By offering an alternative to standard PTFE liners, Mobilize aims to reduce costs associated with the reflow process while maintaining effectiveness in catheter-based therapies.


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ReZilient TPEs by Compounding Solutions are tailored elastomers engineered to meet specific application requirements, offering wide design capabilities from high to low extremes of critical material properties. Utilizing styrenic block copolymers and customizable additives, fillers, and pigments, ReZilient TPEs cater to diverse needs, from biocompatibility and radiopacity to bondability and chemical resistance.


ReZalloy™ Rx, a TPU alloy series for medical applications, offers low modulus for bonding and superior softness. Ideal for overmolded grips, wound care, cardiovascular catheters, and specialized medical film.


ReZilok Rx Tie-Layer Resin, designed for the medical device industry, utilizes maleic anhydride-grafted linear low-density polyethylene to bond dissimilar materials in multi-layer constructions. With ISO 13485:2016 compliance and ISO 10993-5 cytotoxicity test results, it offers secure supply chain, 3-day lead times, and low minimum order quantities, making it ideal for tri-layer tubing and multi-layer film packaging in medical and pharmaceutical applications.

RO Series




Compounding Solutions now offers off-the-shelf Pebax® SA01 MED and 20wt% barium sulfate (BaSO4) compounds, ideal for demanding thin-wall applications in the medical industry. With superior filler dispersion and USP biocompatibility, these compounds ensure rapid availability (3-day lead times), low minimum order quantities (10 pounds), and optional heat and UV stabilization. Pebax® offers versatility with a range of hardness options and excellent sterilization feasibility, while barium sulfate provides radiopacity and color stability at a low cost.

Stabilize Rx


PurTone Rx

PurTone Rx Color Concentrates by Compounding Solutions are tailored for medical applications, utilizing FDA-approved components and resin-matched formulations for optimal compatibility. With a recommended 4% let down ratio, they facilitate quick prototyping and product identification, available in low minimum quantities for cost-effective R&D projects.

Defend Rx

Defend Rx masterbatches integrate BioCote® silver ion technology into thermoplastic resins, effectively reducing bacterial count on surfaces. With demonstrated efficacy across various materials, they offer a cost-effective and long-lasting antimicrobial solution for medical devices and consumer goods, available in customizable quantities as low as 1 lb.