Medically Approved Surface Friction Reduction Technology

Mobilize is a thermoplastic additive designed to reduce friction on surfaces of medical devices and improve processability. Compounding Mobilize in thermoplastic formulations creates more lubricious finished product surfaces which offers an alternative to lubricious liners and multi-layer construction. Mobilize also promotes process stability and faster production rates in extrusions.

Features of Mobilize

  • Lowers coefficient of friction
  • Improves extrusion process stability
  • Biocompatible
  • Does not migrate or bloom over time
  • Low-cost alternative to multi-layer devices
  • No adverse effects on bonding or printing
  • Thermally stable
  • Compatible with radiopaque fillers
  • Can be custom colored
  • Can be sterilized

Naturally lubricious materials such as PTFE, FEP, and HDPE are typically chosen as outer surfaces when device designs require low coefficients of friction. The bulk properties like stiffness and strength of these materials are often not suitable for devices, so they are used as liners or jackets integrated within multi-layer devices. This multi-layer approach achieves surface lubricity without sacrificing bulk properties but adds costs due to additional or more complex manufacturing processes such as reflow or coextrusion.

We are pleased to offer Mobilize, a universal additive for thermoplastics that imparts lubricity to their surfaces without influencing their bulk properties, and thus eliminates the need for multi-layer designs. Mobilize saves time and money by simplifying manufacturing processes.

To learn more about Mobilize, please see our Brochure and Case Study. Ask our experts about using Mobilize in your application today!